Airtight Networks Management Console pimA

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1. Features

  • ┬áSingle sign-on
  • ┬áremoved AirTight logo from header
  • ┬áremoved user settings/advanced options from header
  • complete application functionality present

1.1. Channel Types

  • Home - Channel that displays the default Home page for the logged in user, including full navigation controls (no custom configuration required)
  • Proxy - Channel that is used by the system to display Management Console channels (no custom configuration required)
  • Home
  • Proxy

1.2. Configuration

1. Unique Configuration steps

2. Next step to configuring this specific PIM (Maybe refer to specific Channel features)

1.3. System Requirements (Tentative name)

Software Required Version
enPortal 4.6
AppBoard 5.7
BladeLogic 6.6.7
Other PIM ibm.common_pimA