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1. Overview

This document covers an example installation of IBM DB2 for use with enPortal as an external configuration database.

In this example it is assumed the DB2 software is already installed on a system.

2. Creating a Database

To create an DB2 database:

  1. Log onto the DB2 server via an account with administrative privileges or the DB2 instance user account.
    • Run the command db2 run the following DB command at the db2 prompt:
      create database portal pagesize 32768
    • Type exit to return to the UNIX shell.
  2. Determine and make note of the IP or hostname of the DB2 server and the specific TCP port that DB2 is bound for incoming connections.

3. Creating a User

  1. In some environments it will make sense to associate a new user account with the portal database. Because DB2 associates operating system users with DB2 user credentials, the creation of users and database permissions is a variable task: refer to the OS-Specific DB2 documentation for instructions for creating users and assigning database permissions.