Overview #

Data from the pipeline can be presented on a page using Visualizations.

Creating a New Visualization #

In the Pipeline, Click the ” + ” icon on the right side of any Feed or Transform node, then select “Visualization”.  This will launch a dialog with a list of Visualization types to choose from.

If a Visualization is grey and can not be selected, that means the selected dataset does not have a compatible data structure for that Visualization type.  The dataset must be transformed so its data structure is compatible with what the Visualization expects.  This typically means a tabular data structure needs to be transformed into a relational model.

Adding a Visualization to a Page #

When in edit mode on a Page, any empty panel on the page will have a large “Add Visualization” button in the panel body.

An administrator can click the “Add Visualization” button in the empty container, or select the “Add Visualization” option from the Visualization’s Configuration menu.

After clicking “Add Visualization”, an administrator will be prompted to select a Visualization from the pipe diagram.  The Pipe diagram allows an administrator to filter on upstream elements, such as a connection or feed name, which can make finding a specific visualization easier.  Refer to the Pages section for more information.

Visualization Types #

Refer to the sections below for more information on specific visualization types: