Overview #

The “Tooltip” Action displays a tooltip, with a list of details about a selected record. An example is shown below:

The “Tooltip” Action is very similar to the “Show Record Details” Action. The differences are:

Show Record Details
Presentation Shows up as a bubble, with a small caret that points to the associated record. Shows up as a dialog, with a close icon.
Scrolling Does not support scrolling. Designed for small numbers of attributes. Supports scrolling. Designed for large numbers of attributes.
Events Designed to be used with “Hover” events. Designed to be used with “Click” events.

Step 1: List Items #

Tooltips are intended to be used with hover events, and are designed to contain a small number of attributes. The user interface provides a list builder, to manually add the attributes that will appear in the tooltip. The Tooltip display supports the same types of renderers found in a List Visualization. See Renderers for more details. For Chart Visualizations, two additional attributes are included: Chart Measure and Chart Percentage, where Chart Percentage will be shown if the chart is percentage based.

Step 2: Conditions #

This step lets you specify additional conditions that determine when an Action is fired. For example, suppose you are working with some event data, and only want a “tooltip” when an event has a Severity_Name = “Critical”. You can add that logic here in the conditions step, as shown in the example below:

Step 3: Appearance #

You can configure the appearance of the labels, if enabled on step 1, by adjusting the controls in Label Formatter.

Enable or disable Alternate Row Shading within the tooltip by clicking the appropriately labeled toggle.

Override the default hover delay of 750 milliseconds by clicking on the “Override Default Delay” toggle button.