System Metrics

Overview #

Included with each installation of edgeCore is a System Metrics Connection. This connection allows users to access various metrics that are tracked. The connection is read-only, and therefore it can be neither edited nor deleted.

System Metrics Feeds #

The System Metrics connection comes with its own list of predefined feeds. These feeds are configured like most other feeds with a name, an optional description, and update/polling settings. The distinguishing factor between the feeds is the Metrics Group that each feed represents.

Metrics Group
Page Views Includes information about which pages users have viewed, how many times the pages have been viewed, and which page variables were set at the time of viewing a given page.
Jobs Includes information about server jobs that have run, when those jobs started, and how long they took to run.
Proxy Requests Tracks requests made via proxy feeds, including pertinent details such as the URL, HTTP request method, and request duration.
Server Load Provides periodic measurements of the system load, including CPU and memory usage.
Entitlement Lists information regarding licensed users, adapters, and other features.
RPA Metrics Tracks which users ran RPA scripts, the script names, the duration of said scripts, the results (success or failure), and any error messages generated by the scripts. If a script failed on account of not being able to locate an image-based anchor point, a screenshot will be taken at the time of the failed step and will be available with the metrics data as a base64 string. This string can later be rendered in a Table Visualization by changing the renderer from “Text” to “Image Source.”


Internal Telemetry

The following table lists the available available internal metrics by EdgeCore release versions:

EdgeCore Version:
Page Views X X X
Server Load X X X
Entitlement X X X
Jobs X X X
Proxy Requests X X X
RPA Metrics X X