Show Record Details

Overview #

The “Show Record Details” Action displays a dialog, with a list of attributes and values for a selected record.  An example is shown below:

The “Tooltip” Action is very similar to the “Show Record Details” Action.  The differences are:

Show Record Details
Presentation Shows up as a bubble, with a small caret that points to the associated record. Shows up as a dialog, with a close icon.
Scrolling Does not support scrolling. Designed for small numbers of attributes. Supports scrolling. Designed for large numbers of attributes.
Events Designed to be used with “Hover” events. Designed to be used with “Click” events.

Adding a Show Record Details Action #

  1. Open the Manage Actions Dialog ( Visualization Menu  -> Edit Actions ).
  2. Click the  +  icon.
    1. Select the type of gesture to use for this Action (“Click Point” or “Hover Point”).
    2. Select the type of Action, which in this case is “Show Record Details”.

Show Record Details Configuration #

Step 1:  Base Config #

Give this Action a name that will be used on a context menu if more than one Action is configured for the event.

Step 2:  Field Visibility #

All values show up as “Displayed Fields” by default.  This means the administrator must select any fields they want to hide.  This is done using the red  >  icon.

Clicking the red  >  moves an attribute from the “Displayed Fields” list to the “Hidden Fields” list.  Any attribute name that is moved to the “Hidden Fields” list will not appear in the Show Record Details dialog.  The example below shows the result of clicking the  >  icon for the “AlertGroup” attribute.

Step 3:  Conditions #

This step lets you specify additional conditions that determine when an Action is fired.   For example, suppose you are working with some event data, and only want to fire the “Show Record Details” Action for events that have a Severity_Name = “Critical”.  You add that logic here in the conditions step as shown in the example below: