Server Administration

There are two primary elements in an edgeCore installation:

  1. Server – The server is the physical location where edgeCore is installed. It includes the edgeCore file system that is extracted during the installation process. The edgeCore administrator will need access to the edgeCore server to manage various aspects of the system. This may include:
    1. Configuring the connection to Java, and tweaking the Java memory settings
    2. Managing how the Tomcat application will run, including port number and SSL configuration
    3. Viewing log files
    4. Customizing the login page, icons, theme, and other aspects of the system
    5. Configuring failover or other settings that are managed in file-level configuration files
  2. Client –  The web client contains the User Interface where the administrator configures most elements of edgeCore , and where the End-User interacts with the system.

The topics listed under this section will detail several features related to the first item above – Server-based administration of edgeCore .