Run Script

Overview #

This Action opens and runs a recorded RPA script with variables parsed to script variables.

Configuration #

Configuring a Run Script action involves three properties.

Action Name Give this Action a name that will be used on a context menu if more than one Action is configured for the event.
Page Select Page – Target a certain page on which to run the script
Script Select a recorded script from a drop-down list.

Parsing variables to the script #

On the “Script Variables” tab, you can add variables which will be available to the script during execution, by pressing the + button.

After you set the variable name, you’ll have a choice of 4 variable sources that can be passed into the scriptVar.

Unset Leave the variable unset, it can be changed through the script during execution.
Page Var Set variable value to a page Var value.
Record Value Set variable value to a record value from the clicked row.
Static Set variable to a set value/string.

Action conditions:

In the “Conditions tab”, rules can be set to prevent or enable script execution based on the values of the clicked row attribute values.