RPA Script Center

What is RPA? #

Robotic process automation is a product used to increase productivity and relay the repetitive and complex tasks to a computer process. Any task that requires users to complete an action using the same rules and steps can be easily automated, such as data entry, calculations, scraping, etc.
Most businesses today use web-based software and apps in their workflow, edgeRPA provides a way to automate and monitor data and processes used in those workflows.  Tasks can be automated by simulating user input or by feeding data directly to those apps. In the following tutorials, we will go over some example use cases, best practices and a guide on how to get you started in the world of RPA.

About edgeCore and Adapters #

edgeCore is a fully secure, visualization workflow solution that integrates your mission-critical applications and data.  edgeCore (eC) incorporates the data within your environment and the methods used to manage your business to create a single tool for both back-end and front-end solutions. Connections and Adapters are a part of eC, allowing the customization and agility of the tools you need. eC already has adapters and connection capabilities for many popular applications and platforms.
Adapters give you the ability to access and customize multiple company applications on the same platform, monitor, execute and automate your workflow through edgeRPA.

Citrix Receiver #


Citrix receiver is the client component of XenDesktop or XenApp.  Devices with Citrix receiver installed can access full desktops via XenDesktop or
individual applications via XenApp from a centralized host, such as a server or cloud infrastructure. edgeCore utilizes a web browser-embedded client to access remote or virtual machines.

Backup and restore: #