Message Center

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Message Center

Overview #

The Message Center captures important events or errors. It keeps a log of these events, and alerts users when there are unread events. By default, users will not be notified of Javascript errors captured, but you can configure the system or specific groups to see these messages:

./ config -k client.captureLog -v true -s global
./ config -k client.captureLog -v true -s group:GROUPNAME

When events are captured, the banner of the product will give a message count bubble as depicted bellow. Clicking the System Menu and then clicking “Messages” will open the Message Center.

Message Center #

The Message Center is a full screen dialog that will display all messages. You can filter the messages using the filter in the top right of the dialog. You can also sort the messages by clicking on any of the table columns. Some Error messages contain extra details such as Javascript Stack Traces. To view these extra details, you can click the “Details” button or double-click the row. If you have read all the messages, you may choose to clear all the messages by clicking the “Clear All Messages” button. You can also use the “Save to File” button to save off a copy of all the messages and details, which you can then send to Technical Support.

The following is an example of a Javascript Stack Trace that may accompany an Error Message: