Overview #

  1. Obtain the latest GA version from the Download Site.
  2. Verify the target system is a Supported Platform and meets the System Requirements.
  3. Ensure you have a valid license file.

Installation #

Download Site #

The latest product versions are available on the Edge download site. Perform the following steps to download the product:

  1. Contact Support to request credentials for login to the download site.
  2. Log in to the download site.
  3. Click to download the desired version.

Supported Platforms #

The following table lists the operating systems supported by edgeCore, but in general edgeCore is supported on any 64-bit platform that can run Java 8 or later. edgeCore is also supported on virtualized environments such as VMware. edgeData and edgeWeb are components that run in edgeCore on the same server.




Oracle/Sun Microsystems


10, 11 (SPARC or x86_64)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux


6, 7 (or equivalent for CentOS, Scientific Linux, Oracle Linux, and Amazon Linux)

Ubuntu Server


14.04 LTS, 16.04 LTS



Server 2008 / R2, Server 2012 / R2

System Requirements

Typical system requirements for an Edge-only deployment are listed in the table below.

In addition, you will find examples of system configurations specific to different deployment scenarios such as Dev or Test Lab / Proof of Concept (POC), Network Operations Center (NOC), or Managed Services Providers (MSPs).

Example Deployment Scenarios
Component Minimum
(per server)
Dev or Test Lab Internal Use
(NOC, SOC, etc)
External Use
(MSP customer-facing)
CPU Single CPU 2 CPU cores 4 CPU cores 4-8 CPU cores
Memory 4 GB RAM 4 GB RAM 8-16 GB RAM 16-32 GB RAM
Video Memory 256 GB
Storage * 1 GB disk 1 GB disk 2 GB disk 2 GB disk
Operating System 64 bit O/S 64 bit O/S 64 bit O/S 64 bit O/S

Java SE 8 (JRE) installed on edgeCore server

Minimum version is Java 1.8.0_20

edgeSuite activates the ‘UseStringDeduplication’ memory optimization setting to help reduce the Java Memory footprint. If the minimum Java is not used, the start command will fail. Note: Startup failure information can be found by running the ‘ run’ command-line option.

Database **

In-memory H2 database

* Note: actual storage requirements will depend on implementation, however as edgeData and edgeWeb access data remotely and cached in-memory, storage requirements are low.

** Note: edgeCore, edgeWeb, and edgeData rely on an in-memory H2 database for configuration and temporary data repository. By default this is not externally available and does not require separate maintenance.

Default Network Ports #



8080 HTTP

edgeCore server via client hosts

edgeCore Shutdown Port 8005 N/A localhost
embedded H2 database N/A JDBC / System File

runs in edgeCore process

Client Browser Requirements #

The edge application suite is an HTML5 application and as such requires a modern standards compliant browser.

Vendor Platform Version(s) Minimum Screen Resolution Plug-Ins
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 1024×768
  • None required by default.
  • Other plug-ins as required by integrated applications via edgeWeb.
Microsoft Edge 12+
Mozilla Firefox 44+
Google Chrome 41+

Mobile Client Requirements

The edge application suite is an HTML5 application and as such requires a modern standards compliant browser.



Operating Systems

Additional Requirements

Vendors distributing Android-based devices (Google, HTC, Nexus, Samsung, Sony, etc.)

Various Phones/ Tablets

Android 5.x, 6.x

Chrome browser 41+ is required.


iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

iOS 9+