Enabling OpenWeather in maps

Overview #

Map weather layers require an API key from OpenWeatherMap.  Reference the following steps below to create an API key.

Step 1:  Apply for a key #

Apply for an API key here: https://home.openweathermap.org/users/sign_up


Step 2:  Generate API Key #

After creating an account, generate an API key here: https://home.openweathermap.org/api_keys

Step 3a: Add API Key #

You can add an API Key two different ways:

Option 1:  Custom Property #

Add an API Key to <root>/conf/custom.properties:


Option 2: Command Line #

Add an API Key to edgeSuite via the following Command line option:

bin/edge.sh config -s global -k client.map.key.openWeatherApi -v {key value}

In the example above the {Key value} should be the value generated from openweathermap.org.  It should look something like the example below (Not Valid):