Data Feeds

Overview #

Data Parsers are used within Feeds to parse document data such as CSV, JSON, XML, etc.  These data parsers transform document data into a tabular data set which can then be used in visualizations.  See the following links for further information on each parser type.

Additional feed types:


JavaScript (Feed)

Downloading Data Sets

When working with Data Feeds and Data Transforms, the preview step will expose a “Download” option. This option will download a .CSV version of the current data set.

Each of the Data Parsers also have an option to download raw data (a “Download Raw” button appears adjacent to parsing configuration).  This downloads the unaltered raw document collected by the feed, which is sometimes useful as a reference while devising the parsing configuration.

Date Format #

Date values are stored in epoch time in ms on the server. When downloading a dataset, users can opt to convert date values to a different format so that’s it will be easier to read. This is achieved using the “Date Format” option on the “Save Data Set” dialog.

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