Creating Custom Visualizations

There is a Yeoman Template for easily creating custom visualizations in Edge.  In order to begin using it there are a few prerequisites that have to be installed on your development machine.

  1. NodeJS must be installed.  At the time of writing these directions, the template was tested with NodeJS version 7.1.0.  Newer versions should work fine.
  2. GIT should be installed as NodeJS’s package manager NPM uses it.

After installing the prerequisite software you will want to run the following commands to install some global commands in the NodeJS framework.

npm install -g grunt-cli yo generator-edgevis

This will install the Grunt build system and Yeoman on your computer, which both run on top of NodeJS.   The generator-edgevis portion will install the Yeoman template generator for building custom visualizations.

Next you will want to create a fresh directory on your machine to being your development.   Later you can initialize GIT or Mercurial on this directory to save it on a repository.

mkdir ~/MyCoolVis
cd ~/MyCoolVis
yo edgevis

The edgevis template generator will ask you a few questions and then it will begin building a fresh build environment for developing a custom visualization in Edge.  After this is done (it may take a couple of minutes), you will want to test that it is working by running a test build.


If there are no errors, you can verify that a new Edge module is in the “build” directory.

The files you are mainly interested in customizing and adding your new visualization implementation are found here: