Connections and Feeds

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Connections
  3. Feeds

Overview #

Connections are used to connect to a variety of different sources. There are two base connection types in edgeSuite:

  1. Data Connections
    Data Connections can be made to different data sources. Feeds off of these data connections are used to pull raw data into the system as tabular data sets. Refer to edgeData for additional information.
  2. Web Content Connections
    Web Content Connections are used to connect to existing applications. Web Feeds are used to proxy specific web pages in a target application, inside of edgeCore. Refer to edgeWeb for additional information.

Connections #

A Connection contains only the information required to connect to a source. Connections can be to external data sources, applications, or files stored locally on the edgeCore server. A list of the configured connections in the system can be accessed through the Connections page. This can be accessed two ways:

  • Using the  icon in the admin toolbar
  • Through the System Menu:  Content > Connections

Connections are important due to their licensing implications, and the connection page contains some high level information about the connection status based on the current license:


Feeds #

Feeds are closely related to Connections. They bring data or web content in from Connections. Some Feeds parse data structures in order to bring in a tabular dataset, others query databases. See Data Feeds for more information.