CheckHealth Server Status Monitoring

Customizing the CheckHealth Status JSP #

The system health may be monitored by load balancers to help ensure the quality of service.  The http://localhost:8080/checkhealth is the endpoint that a load balancer should be configured to test.  By default it will return either of the following status codes and JSON responses:

  • HTTP Status Code: 200 with JSON:

    {'status': 'server initialized', 'statusCode':200}
  • HTTP Status Code: 500 with JSON:
    {'status': 'server not available', 'statusCode':500}
  • HTTP Status Code: 500

The system allows for customization of the /checkhealth file when the steps above are not sufficient.  In this step, the backing JSP used by the CheckHealth Controller will be modified to enrich the status validation.

The default checkhealth file ([INSTALL_HOME]/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/jsp/checkhealth.edgejsp) is used as a reference when creating custom check health logic, but it should not be modified directly.  Instead, make a copy in [INSTALL_HOME]/jsp/checkhealth.edgejsp and modify that file. Any changes made directly in /WEB-INF/jsp/ will be lost on server restart and/or re-initialization.

  1. Start by copying the system checkhealth.edgejsp
    1. from system location (including all sub-directories):
    2. to custom location: