3.8.4 Release Notes

Security Updates #

ES-434: Resolved regression in Password Policy related to lockout on consecutive failures.

ES-435: Upgraded to latest Jackson DataBind library to address CVE-2019-12086.

ES-436: Upgraded Spring Security Core library to address CVE-2019-3795.

ES-436: Upgraded Apache Tomcat container to 8.5.40 addressing CVE-2019-0232 and CVE-2019-0221. edgeSuite did not have these enabled; but this cleans up two items that some security teams may flag for review.

New Features #

ES-187: Enabled the use of end times (time ranges/spans) in the Timeline Visualization.

ES-269: Enhanced Topology Visualization to better support customer diagramming requirements. Updates include the following:

  • Fixed issues with link definition discovery when using join nodes to the same producer. Link definitions did not show in the configuration for setting display options.
  • Fixed data definition issues for self-referential topologies.
    • When a node referenced the same name (like id and parentId columns), the link definition ID did not include the second node ID.
    • Link definition ID was not properly set on the nodes returned to the client when the definition included self-referential nodes.
  • Fixed issue where links with “No Color”/transparent or an alpha < 1 were showing as fully opaque.

ES-304: Enhanced the Table Visualization and List Visualization display to select the first item by default. Added a “Default Selection” option when configuring a Set Page Variable Action, which enables the following:

  • Allow the administrator to turn off the auto-selection of row/items that match a Set Page Variable value.
  • Allow a notification of Set Page Variable value not found in the visualization (if selection is on).

ES-339: Enhanced the filter settings entered by an end-user to persist for the duration of the user session (such as in Sorting and Quick Filters).

ES-360: Enhanced the Preview step of Web Content Feed Wizard to allow creation and download of HAR files for diagnostics and troubleshooting.

ES-364: Added performance metrics that show performance information related to the memory and resource utilization at a node level within the pipeline (memory footprint of job results).

ES-380: Added a command line interface, which will ultimately replace some of the functionality of the edge.bat/edge.sh script file. Supported commands will provide information such as health and version details of the system.

Resolved Issues #

ES-251: Updated Server Actions to refresh a subset of jobs for a Feed (only feeds that match Secured Variables), to improve efficiency.

ES-283: Fixed an issue where search filter drop-up menus were not on top of the visualization and could be partially obscured by the container.

ES-298: Removed the top-level Search option and icon from the banner, except for displays in small device mode.

ES-419: Fixed a regression in v3.8.2 with Rules/Variables in a Table visualization. The Text/Background Derived rules were sorting, causing unexpected behavior during edits.

ES-421: Fixed an issue where the Custom Expression Filter editor always prompted regarding exit without save.

ES-422: Fixed an issue where, when adding new Referenced Datasets in a SQL Transform, the Unique Alias was not being populated.

ES-423: Updated the Tooltip Action configuration wizard to make proper use of the available space for easier usability.

ES-424: Fixed an issue in the Rule Set editor where null or empty conditions only worked in some cases if they were first in the list.

ES-425: Fixed an issue where quick filter drop-down menus at the bottom of the page could be partially obscured. Updated filter to pop up when it is at the bottom of the page.

ES-427: Enhanced the Timeline Visualization to support having more than one Tooltip with conditions without displaying a menu.

Known Issues #

edgeSuite uses H2 database in support of the SQL Transforms. SQL that uses Common Table Expression (CTE) ‘WITH’ clauses have been identified as causing two issues.

  1. Lock Timeouts: Transforms fail to run; as temporary tables fail to be cleaned up.
  2. Memory Leaks: The temporary table results are not being cleaned up properly in all instances; and it will trigger Out Of Memory on the JVM.

For additional information on this known issue, and remediation options, see SQL Transform.