3.4.4 Release Notes

New Features #

  • YEL-3094: edgeWeb Proxy enhanced WebSocket to support SockJS.

Resolved CVEs #

Resolved Issues #

  • YEL-2221: Addressed issue where edgeWeb Content Visualization was not prompting if Secured Variables were missing.
  • YEL-3099: Addressed missing AutoZoom Control (used to enable / disable AutoZoom when Map Visualization data changes by server updates and/or client filters).
  • YEL-3102: Addressed regression where edgeWeb Content Visualization was not prompting if credentials were missing.
  • YEL-3105: Addressed issue with configuration of session and audit log storage in database and file to default database storage to 30 days and 7 days respectively and have it enabled by default.
  • YEL-3108: Addressed issue where non-critical HTTP request processing failures caused edgeWeb Content Visualization to fail completely. In one case; an image request may fail and the Visualization would go blank.
  • YEL-3120: Addressed issue where valid Page Variable to unknown data producer variable caused subscriptions to fail on initial setPageVars action.