3.10.0 Release Notes

edgeCore Security Updates #

ES-361 – Upgraded jQuery library to address the following reported vulnerability: CVE-2015-9251.

edgeRPA Resolved Issues #

ES-511 – Resolved RPA Script Playback UI issues.

ES-550 – Resolved issue where maximizing the RPA Toolbar would cause the change detection code to warn of unsaved changes.
ES-573 – Resolved display issues on the RPA Playback Summary Grid, in which the grid flashed and showed scrollbars when not needed in light theme, and failed to display in dark theme.
ES-574 – Resolved issue where the “play to step” action did not show a result in the RPA summary grid.

ES-578 – Resolved RPA Script Center display issues in the Internet Explorer 11 browser.

edgeRPA New Features #

ES-492 – Added a “switch to page” RPA script command.
ES-502 – Added the ability to click to select a step on the RPA Script editor.