Registering Tilesets

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The Tile Map widget supports the use of multiple base-layer tilesets and overlay tilesets, but in order to make use of these they must be registered for AppBoard to know about them.

The focus of this page is to document the tile registry for cases where an existing tileset is available remotely. For cases where the intention is to generate your own tileset and/or have AppBoard serve this up locally then refer back to the main Tile Map page for more information.

AppBoard maintains the tile registry in the following directory: [INSTALL_HOME]]/server/webapps/enportal/WEB-INF/xmlroot/appboard/config/tileregistry. All csv files in this directory are loaded and by default the following files are included with the install:

  • default.csv: contains the set of default base-layer tilesets
  • overlays.csv: contains the set of default overlay tilesets
The default files should not be modified as they are replaced on upgrade.

The process of registering tilesets is to create a new registry csv file with the correct fields and values, place this into the tile registry directory, and as a best practice ensure this file is included in backup archives (see Backup & Recovery).

Registry Format

This table describes the csv format as used by the tile registry. All fields are required and errors may result in failure to process the entire registry. A good idea is to also look at the default system registry files as examples.

# Field Type Description
1 id string Unique identifier across all tile registry files.
2 name string Visible name within the Builder/Viewer for this base-layer or overlay.
3 source string URL of the tileset source using variables for the zoom level (${z}), and x/y position (${x} and ${y}). For example:${z}/${x}/${y}.png

4 minZoom integer The most zoomed-out level supported by the tileset.
5 maxZoom integer The most zoomed-in (detailed) level supported by the tileset.
6 initialZoom integer The default zoom level used in the widget configuration preview.
7 initialLatitude float The default latitude used in the widget configuration preview.
8 initialLongitude float The default longitude used in the widget configuration preview.
9 copyright string Copyright string displayed on the base layer, should also be included for overlays.
10 isOverlay boolean Set to true for overlays, otherwise set to false. This determines whether a map is visible in the set of base layers or on the Overlays section when configuring a tile map widget.
11 initialAlpha float Set between 0 (completely transparent) to 1 (completely opaque) in 0.1 increments. This is primarily for overlays, base layers should be se

t to 1.