Vector Heat Map - Trouble Bubbles

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A sample Vector Map Widget with Trouble Bubbles

Trouble Bubble add to the presentation of the Vector Map Widget by providing a colored circular display around each node of the map. The size of the circle is driven by a data element for that node. For example, there could be a column called "Severity" and the greater the severity value in that column, the larger the circle is that will be drawn.

Configure the following fields on the Trouble Bubble tab:

  • Show Trouble Bubbles - Click the toggle button to turn this to "On"
  • Bubble Radius Field - Select a field from the Data Collection that is driving the Widget. The magnitude of the values in this field will drive the size of the radius in the Trouble Bubble.
  • Bubble Properties - It is recommended to start with the default values, and then adjust the following settings individually until the desired Trouble Bubble display is achieved:
    • Minimum Bubble Size - The diameter of the bubble, in pixels, to use for the smallest value in the data
    • Maximum Bubble Size - The diameter of the bubble, in pixels, to use for the largest value in the data
    • Color Alpha - Controls the opacity of the Trouble Bubble. A value of 100 is completely opaque, with nothing visible behind the bubble; a value of 10 is almost completely transparent.
  • Bubble Color Rule - Select, Add, or Edit rule sets for determining what color bubbles to use for data that meet certain conditions.