Google Map (Legacy) Widget

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The Legacy Google Map Widget no longer works. Google deprecated the Flex based API used by this widget in September 2011 and completely retired access on September 2nd 2014. Options are to migrate to the newer Google Map Widget, or Tile Map Widget

1. Google Map API

To access the GoogleMap Widget, you must first register for the Google Map API. The domain name you used to register the Google Map API must be the same as the URL you use in your browser to access AppBoard (and the GoogleMap Widget).

Example: If you registered the Google API key under the URL you enter into the browser to access AppBoard must use the same Domain name. The URL you would enter into your browser would be http://<appboardserver>

If the browser URL does not include the domain used to register the API key, you will receive an error such as the following:

Initialization failed: please check the API key,
swf location, version and network availability.

2. Obtaining a Google Map Key

In the Widget configuration editor for the Google Map Widget, beneath the "Map API Key" and "Map API URL" is a button labeled "Get a Key". Click this button to launch a Google web page where you can Sign Up for the Google Maps API.