Widget Interaction Filter

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Widget Interaction Filter Rule

This rule compares a value in the selected item to a value in another Data Collection. The other Data Collection can be in the current Widget or a different Widget. The rule is intended to apply a filter on a target Widget (Data Collection) based on the selection from the source Widget (really of a single record in the Data Collection that provides the data for the source Widget), hence the Widget Interaction name.

Checking the Show Advanced Options box will further refine the rule by having it apply only when the user clicks in a specific Widget or in a specific Data Collection. There is also a checkbox to control whether the rule is considered to match when the filtered data property value (data collection being filtered) is empty.

This Filter Rule is based on the comparison of the property value of another widget to a local property's value. This rule is an expression comprised of the following fields:

Field Description
Property The property name, in the selected Data Collection, to perform the comparison against.
Operator The operation part of the expression, such as Equal to(=), Not equal to(!=), Contains, and so on.
Local Property The property name in the target Data Collection that will be evaluated against the property of the selected Data Collection.