Password Policy

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The Password Policy administration page provides an interface for the AppBoard administrator to view and manage the global password policy. The product also support per-domain password policies but these must be configured via the enPortal administration interface.

To access the Password Policy administration page select the System Administration builder mode and the Password Policy icon.

Password policies apply to users managed within AppBoard / enPortal. For LDAP users, or other custom authentication integrations, password management is outside the scope of AppBoard

Password Policy administration page

1. Password Tab

The User Password Change section defines the behaviour of new users in the system and whether previous passwords can be re-used.

The Password Expiration section allows the administrator to define a password expiration at which point the user is forced to change passwords.

2. Syntax Tab

Allows for conditions to be set around allowed passwords, such as a minimum length, required characters such as digits or upper case letters, etc...

3. Lockout Tab

Allows for automatic locking of accounts based on inactivity or login failures.