Untrusted Certificates on iOS

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If running AppBoard in HTTPS (HTTP over SSL) mode using a self-signed certificate or otherwise untrusted certificate (expired, doesn't match the hostname/IP, unknown CA, etc...) then it is necessary to register the certificate on each iOS device itself, otherwise the security model will prevent the iOS user from accessing AppBoard.

  1. On the desktop, use a Firefox browser to navigate to the site (for example, https://www.myappboardserver.com/).
  2. Click on the "lock" icon next to the address bar to view the certificate.
  3. Use the certificate viewer to view the certificate for "www.myappboardserver.com".
  4. Click on the "Export..." button to export the certificate. Use the default format (X.509 Certificate (PEM) (*.crt;*.pem).
  5. By default, the certificate is saved as "www.myappboardserver.com.crt".
  6. Use an email client on the desktop to send yourself an email attached with the certificate file. (Note: Gmail might block sending that file. Yahoo Mail is a suggested alternative.)
  7. On the iOS device, use the iOS Mail program to open up that email.
  8. Click on the attached certificate and you will be prompted for installing the certificate.
  9. Click on "OK" to install the certificate.

Now, appboard on that iOS device will be able to connect to the "www.myappboardserver.com" server.