After installing the {{{2}}} PIM, perform the following steps to configure access to the host {{{2}}} server:

  1. Under the Web Integrations tab, select Applications & Licenses
  2. Right-click on the name sample in the row for {{{2}}} ({{{1}}}) and select Modify
  3. Fill in the items in the Modify Application Wizard dialog:
    1. Select the protocol used to access your {{{2}}} server (http or https)
    2. Change the host name from "changeme" to the hostname or ip address that will resolve to your {{{2}}} server
    3. Change the port to the port number of your {{{2}}} server
    4. Click "Save" to keep your changes
  4. Under the Web Integrations tab, select Explorer
  5. In the Explorer, under Packages, expand the cuculus.zonoscontrolcenter_pimA tree and click on the sample target. Confirm that the information you entered is displayed for your {{{2}}} server
  6. Under the sample target, click on the Home channel. A login prompt should be displayed.
  7. Log in using the same credentials you would use for accessing the {{{2}}} application in a browser. Confirm that the {{{2}}} Home page is displayed.